About Me

img_0077I was born in Bellingham Wa and currently reside in Renton Wa. I graduated highschool a year early and decided to study writing. I am currently completing my Freelance Writer Career Diploma. My life has been a journey which consisted of all things good and bad. I was a competitive gymnast for the majority of my life. I graduated high school a year early and I’m currently in college to become a better writer. I am a fairly new Blogger and Freelance Writer. As a freelance writer I am looking to explore all of my options. However, my favorite categories are blogs, articles, editing, proofreading, content writing, and resume building. A huge passion of mine has been writing for longer than I can remember. With this  I’ve decided to become a freelance writer and can’t wait to see what opportunities are in store for me. If you would like to know more about me feel free to reach me through my e-mail (provided below) with questions. Thank you for reading.