10 Best TV shows on Netflix

Interested in finding a new TV show to binge watch on Netflix? Or maybe your convinced you’ve already seen all the good ones. Let me start by saying these shows cover a variety of genres, some of which are not advised for a younger audience (I will clearly state which ones), and are also extremely addictive. I (having no life) have binged through these and many others yet these remain in my top 10. I’ve placed the shows in order from my least to most favorite. Also they contain a healthy amount of seasons and episodes which in my opinion is always a plus!

10. One Tree Hill: Assuming you’re anything like me and casually missed when this show was at its peak a few years ago however when I did (finally) stumble upon this one I found it to be extremely addictive. One tree hill focuses on 2 brothers and their groups of friends struggling to survive their drama filled high school years. Everything from steamy relationships to twisted family secrets. Did I mention the boys didn’t know they were brothers? I consider one tree hill a must watch!

9. How I Met Your Mother: Ever wonder how your father met your mother? Well, this will be like no other story. How I met your Mother  is about a group of friends and their wild adventures leading to love, heartbreaks, and so much more. This one is bound to keep you laughing and is a great show to use as background noise for when you have friends over.

8. Switched At Birth: So maybe this one is a wee bit biased since I took ASL during high school but I truly believe it helps educate those of us who know little to none about the deaf community. The title says it all, 2 babies switched at birth, fast forward just shy of their 16th birthdays when the secret comes out. One girl defiant while the other girl deaf. The families come together to figure out this mess and get to know their biological family which isn’t as easy as it may sound. This show is filled with drama, humor, and relationships of course.

7. Black Mirror: I recommend this one to an older audience as some of them can be a bit intense.. to say the least. Black Mirror is a much darker version of our lives and the world we live in. It really captivates a new grasp on how we are living. Every show has a new story line. This show might not be everyone’s cup of see (did i mention its British based).

6. Vampire Diaries: Alright many are convinced this is a girly show, this being said I know lots of guys who have gotten into this one too. Vampire Diaries is a hard show to explain, mainly because not only does it include vampire but also werewolves, witches, doppelgangers, originals, and much more (its been a while since I have seen this one). One perk of this one is the main characters are rather attractive. Yet another drama filled, humorous, and id say contains just enough action.

5. Pretty Little Liars: Don’t even try to tell me this is a girly show. Pretty Little Liars is exactly like the title, 5 pretty best friends one of which goes missing when all the girls start receiving taunting messages from the mystery of “A” who seems to know all of their, not so pretty secrets. This show gets crazier and crazier as the episodes go by. This show is remarkably addictive and easily one of my favorites.

4. Wilfred: I recommend this to an older audience. Okay bare with me because this one gets a bit confusing to begin with. Long story short a dog named Wilfred moves next door to a guy who sees him as a grown man dressed in a dog costume. This hilarious show will take you on a roller coaster! It can be hard to follow but when you do its quite addictive. I went through these episodes a little too fast if you were to ask me..

3. Shameless: HIGHLY recommend this to an older audience (please). This show is very sexual and contains very graphic (and I mean graphic) content, and quite raunchy language. But get passed this and it is a rather addictive show. Shameless follows the struggles of a family living in poverty, in a ghetto neighborhood, with an alcoholic father. This show is about as raw as it gets but honestly is hilarious. Commonly explained as an American comedy-drama.

2. Family Guy: Id be shocked if you hadn’t at least heard of this show. Family Guy is hard to explain because it really jumps all over the place. They make fun of all the problems we are facing in today’s society. This show is not for the easily offended. But I think its a great show to laugh at and use for background noise. I’ve probably seen all 289 episodes twice. If you have a good sense of humor and can clearly understand sarcasm then this show might just be the one for you!

1. The Office: I find this one to be a hit or miss for most people. In my opinion is has a very dumb sense of humor, sort of like family guy. Again if you are not easily offended and get sarcasm then you should like this show. The Office follows a not so worthy boss and his employees at a paper company branch in Scranton. Its ridiculously funny but again in a rather dumb matter. This is my favorite because I always use this show as a go-to for when friends are over, background noise, and just wanting to laugh some.

I absolutely HATE running out of TV shows and I know I cannot be the only one. Whether you are looking to binge or just casually watch, most of these fit into those categories. I love a show that leaves me laughing and or thinking which these all seem to do. I hope to save you some time and energy for finding your next TV show!




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