Beauty within me

Time to get personal with all of you. As some of you already know, beauty and makeup play a huge role in my everyday life. This however was not always the case. When I was just starting middle school, 6th grade to be exact, I began to get bullied. Fast forward a bit and I developed a depression disorder. To me my life had become.. lifeless. My self esteem was non-existent. High school was only worse. Deciding to finish my senior year online was the best decision I ever made. I even graduated early, I (for once in my life) had free time. Research became my best friend and something in particular changed me.

I was bullied because I got acne at an early age. I didn’t worry at first, it was only just a phase. Too bad no one around me saw it that way. People acted as if I had some contagious sickness. A year goes by and it is much worse. My whole face was bright red and I had cystic acne slowly but surely piling up. People were afraid of me, causing me to feel ashamed and utterly disgusting. Until one day my mom decided enough was enough and sent me to school with some of her foundation and powder. I felt a spark of confidence.

Sadly, that spark went out quickly when I heard someone call me oompa loompa. It hadn’t crossed my mind that my mom was a few shades (to say the least) darker than me. This of course led to one of many shopping trips. Throughout the time my mom spent well over hundreds on makeup. I am very pale and struggle to find a foundation that covered my acne AND didn’t make look too terribly orange. She also spent a fortune on numeral face medications, face cleansers, and so much more. At this time she was also a single mother raising two teenage girls and probably couldn’t afford it (bless her soul). After all these I have gained some valuable information because of this.

For starters I learned if you have extremely severe acne, Accutane worked wonders for me. I have clear skin (some acne scarring I am still working to get rid of) and no longer feel the need to bury my face in my hands while talking. But please note that this is a prescribed medication and a doctor has to see the severity of the acne to get prescribed this due to it having some concerning side effects. Another thing I learned is if any beauty product can lift YOUR self esteem or confidence then please, just DO IT. Life is too short not to be happy. And also I have great hands on experience with many different products and knowing the pros and cons of which. But seriously do what makes YOU happy. Not your crush, not your best friend, and even in some cases not even your mom.

This is what pushed me to begin my very own blog. I want to give tips, review, and just about anything to help others. Anyways keep your beautiful head up and always remember, it will get better. Thank you so much for reading!



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