Ten GREAT cheap makeup finds under $10

Whether you are looking to experiment with some new products or cannot keep up with Sephora’s outrageous prices, I am here to show and provide ten absolutely OUTSTANDING makeup products, all for under $10. Sounds too good to be true huh? Well lucky for you, I have done some extensive research and experimenting to find only the highest of quality affordable makeup.

Not only have I listed ten makeup products for under $10, I also have provided you a link to amazon, (where I purchase these) which will take you straight to the products. I’ve done a full face of makeup with these 10 products and received such positive feedback, I thought I would share. Plus they are so cheap you wouldn’t be risking too much but let me just tell you, you will NOT regret buying these products, if you do choose to. Enough chit-chat lets get to the products!

1.Beauty Blender


What better start than a beauty blender? So, I am sure you’ve heard about this one, actually you have probably used one too. If you haven’t had the chance, I highly recommend this product. This is the exact one I am currently using to blend my Concealer and Foundation with. I have used the Sephora beauty blender and I cannot tell the difference. Add some water to this beauty blender to get the best non-streaky blended makeup look ever.

2. Primer

Prime Time

Next we have face primer. You will love this, not only does it minimize pores but your foundation will look 100% flawless. It also helps to hold your make up on for long periods of time. Plus you cant beat that price!




3.Long Lasting Concealer


Here we have LA Pro Concealer. I prefer high coverage concealer because I use this to cover pimples or redness, which doesn’t easily cover (in my experience). I almost gave up on using concealer at all due to not finding one that actually covers my blemishes, until one day I stumbled upon this, I currently use this daily and will not be looking to change that for a LONG time.





This is one of my personal favorites. I have used this for almost a year now. I have found this to cover just about everything from blemishes to wrinkles. It doesn’t wear and DOES actually last 24 hrs, or even more! Once you try this foundation you will not look back. Also just a little goes a long way.



5.Long Lasting Powder

PowderI am so impressed with all of the Fit me products I have used. This is another wonderful product the they have made. Covers any pores and also reduces oil. My face produces so much oil and this powder is hands down the best at keeping my face non-shiny.



6.Outstanding Eye Shadow

Eye SHadow If you’re anything like me you know eye shadow can easily make or break your look. I mean SO many colors to play with! Not only does this product provide a healthy variety of colors but they are also very natural and elegant colors. You can do the perfect smokey eye using these. Also it’s very similar to the smokey naked palette, which I love but its just so damn expensive!


7.Eye Liner

Eye LinerAnother one of my favorites is Mabelline eye liner. If you like winged or any kind of eyeliner for that matter, then this is the eye liner for you. It is so thin making it quite easy to make nice and even lines. This eye liner is very simple to apply. The shape creates a smooth line, even on not so smooth skin!



8.Breath Taking Mascara

Mascara.jpgTheir are so many types of mascara products out there, yet you end up buying the expensive ones only to be disappointed when your eyelashes turn out clumpy. Let me save you the time and money. This mascara will draw so much attention to your eyes. It goes on evenly and lasts throughout the whole day.





9.Contour Kit

Contour Kit.jpgWhats makeup without a little face shaping? Contouring can help your face appear thinner and have more shape to it. Some of us don’t like our facial shape, that is when this elf contour kit will come in handy. This product blends so well giving you the most natural looking contour.



10.Matte Lip Gloss

Lip Gloss.jpgAnd lastly we have some adorable lip glosses. I am not going to tell you what color to wear because obviously everyone is different and certain colors flatter certain people. However this is a 6 pack offer so you can try them all! Play around and have some fun with it. They’re all beautiful colors.



Now that you have insight on some spectacular products go and get them! Like I have said, you wont regret it. Also these are so affordable the most expensive is just over $6. All of these products I personally use and or have used and I promise they are everything they say to be.

Hope I could help some of you out! I know prices are getting out of hand for just about anything and its always nice to find little cheats.



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