The BEST makeup dupes for saving money

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Do you like saving money while looking flawless in the meantime? Who doesn’t! Lets face it, in today’s society a majority of people are struggling to pay for their rent, let alone.. Makeup. Assuming you don’t have hundreds to drop on makeup products or maybe you are just appalled at the prices you see for makeup nowadays and simply can’t fathom spending that much on a products that won’t last more than a month or two.This is where dupes can save our hard earned $$ and in some cases our lives (yes, makeup is my life ;D). Makeup can help build confidence and hide insecurities. You no longer have to leave a store with a pit in your stomach, contemplating if spending your whole paycheck on makeup was actually a good idea.

Top 5 Makeup Dupes



Starting with Mac Studio vs. Maybelline FIT me! My FIT me is amazing. It’s very lightweight and spreads evenly. It can easily last 12 hours. Plus you can save over $20! Amazon sells FIT me for a great price and that way you get to avoid people (personal preference).

real foundation dupe

Next dupe is blush. Nars: Orgasm vs. NYX: Pinched. This product is remarkable. It will give you a fresh and warm look. And once again, who wouldn’t want to save over $20.Blush Dupe

This dupe is Chanel vs. Volume Million Lashes. I like my lashes like i like my coffee; dull, dark, and just breathtaking (a bit of a coffee addict, oops). If you want full and even lashes then look no further and you save over $25!dupes.png

Our next dupe has become a huge hit recently, a beauty blender. Real Techniques vs. Original beauty blender. I just couldn’t bring myself to spend $20 and up on a sponge. Add some water (optional) and blend it up!


Last but certainly not least we have Makeup Forever vs. Maybelline Master Fix. You won’t even notice a difference. This Master Fix powder does wonders and looks stunning. And as said before you get to save over $25!


p dupe








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